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meltin pot

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Is Meltin pot a good denim? Are they comparable to Diesel and any good styles I should look for? Normally I am only diesel but I like the looks of some Meltin Pot washes....just not sure about the fit???
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Im really interested too, I'v never heard of them before this, and the pics on there site for the 09 collection look really awesome (really lovin' some of those fits and washes). Tho, I think I still prefer a nice pair of Zathans or Zatinys (I noticed most of the fits were a pretty big bootcut).
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not a great fan of Meltin' Pot...
and surely it's not the same quality as diesel
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I went to the site and looked at their stuff. They have some nice washes, I am interested in seeing how they fit and what the quality is like.
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I got my wife a pair and she said they are really comfortable....the womens kinda looks like genetic jeans
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i know they make really good fit and wash for women,ive seen some men in metlin pot and they look good,but when it comes to quality and washes diesel still wins,,dont know what fits and washes they have now tough,but back at the time,they had one good fit that was noticeble lesser bootcut than zathan and and sort of like mid rise,they reminded me of the levis 507 but better wash,quality and fit then the 507
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