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are my nudies authentic?

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Hi everyone I just got my first pair of nudies in. They are regular ralf straight bootcut dry selvage greycast. I have no experience with nudies so I have no idea if they are real or not.

I just noticed that they are different from the ones I have seen in the stores. The back pocket isn't orange as I see in the stores, it is yellow. Also the indigo blue on these ones look very different.
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hmm.. im no expert, but comparing those to my slim jims, the sizing tags are completley different and in the wrong place.
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was that paper/cardboard style tag attatched on the jeans when you got them??? I have had several pairs of the "regular ralf" and all of that looks correct but your paper tag says "regular alf" and "regular ralf" on a sticker.....that "regular alf" wasnt introduced until a season or 2 later...plus you say they are "dry greycast" but these are not dark enough for that wash...and if that tag was attatched with the wrong style then I would be more hesitant to say real....usually fakes I have seen dont have the mirrored image pockets...they stitching is the "S" style on both not the backwards "S" on the other....are these actually selvage too???
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Seems fake to me, I'm no expert though.
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there is a nudie forum that people could help you out fast....I mean the wash isnt stated in any pics so did you just think you were getting a greycast??? the tags are what seem so weird to me...why would they label them unless is was just some NOS they had laying unshipped and just put a sticker on the tag I dunno.....
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Inside tag says it's dry selvage, but doesn't look like one to me..
and all the dry models from nudies i have (5) has white colour fabric pocket, but again it could be different due to year/model difference.
BUt most importantly if they are real selvage denim you can feel the stiffness especially if it's brand new. Plus the selvage stiching inside.
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they look fake to me.. where did you purchase them?
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its been a while since i had a pair of these but arent the pockets lighter white color more than a tan brown color....i forget....
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