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anyone know where to buy these?

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it's an ad for dkny jeans and i cannot find these jeans anywhere on the net available to buy! it's the most frustrating jean search I have ever done and believe me i have done many. Can anyone help?
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Your problem is that you live in Edmonton.
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I usually buy all my jeans online so I am not sure I understand what you mean my problem being that I am in edmonton.
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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

It was just a joke :P
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Hi tigremycat, Have you looked on Macys.com or the DKNY jeans website?

How recent is the add?
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yeah how old is this add??? Do you know the style or have more pics of the jeans? I can check at TJ Maxx here and other overstock stores locally if you know more about them or if they are a current season line
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Bradl, enough with the stupid Calgary-Edmonton rivalry jokes. I don't know any retailers that sells DKNY other than Winners.
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I'm sorry, but I have to ask why you say "enough". Twice at the MOST have I said that Edmonton sucks. But you have to expect a die hard Flames fan to weigh in on a Edmonton citizen......
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honestly i have no idea how old the add is but when you go onto the dkny site it's one of three pics you see (my opinion would be fairly new). it's just frustrating that it's on the site and yet not available for sale!!! it's the only pic i've seen of them but they are super cool with the twisted seams and such. i think they look great. the bay sells dkny. unfortuantely nothing that's decent. i actually don't even like dkny except the jeans in this ad. they have the same ad up at the bay.
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^ I was going to suggest the bay too. You'll need to find a nicer bay store that sells a lot more recognizable brand name stores. They are usually right downtown. I found these doing a quick search:

Edmonton Kingsway Garden Mall(780) 479-7100No Pharmacy
Londonderry Mall North West(780) 478-2931No Pharmacy
Southgate Shopping Centre(780) 435-9211(780) 434-0109
**The Bay Edmonton City Centre(780) 424-0151(780) 429-7015**
West Edmonton Mall, Phase 1(780) 444-1550No Pharmacy

I know from experience that the Bay down town Calgary and the Bay downtown Vancouver have a much bigger selection of brand names than the smaller ones found in malls.

Good luck
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I'll totally find them. I always find what I am looking for. It may take awhile... My guess is it's a teaser, meaning it's just not available yet. In the meantime I'll keep trying and thanks!
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well if you find out a style name or code i can check out local stores
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