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Joe's Jeans

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is there any websites that discuss fake Joe's Jeans or if they even exist? I bought a pair off Ebay and they don't feel like the ones I have tried on at Nordstrom's, but they are not the same style. Soo I tried to look all over the net to find articles on how to spot fake JJ's but there is nothing listed as far as I could tell. I see on some stores that JJ's are made in USA and the ones I have bought are made in Mexico. I have no clue which or if both types could or couldn't be authentic. if anyone knows of a website or any details I should look at on my jeans to tell authenticity please respond here. Thanks!
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Joe's Jeans

Hi there! I've never seen any fake Joe's Jeans; it seems like a pretty small company compared to Seven, Diesel, and PD&C. I have two authentic pairs of Joe's Jeans and they're made in the USA. Your jeans are most likely authentic, even though they're made in Mexico.
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Fake Joe's Jeans On Ebay

I just recently had the same problem I also bought a pair of Joe's Jeans from EBay. The inside tags are different than the other pair of Joe's that I do have. The EBay pair states made in Mexico with US materials. My old pair says made in the US but has Chinese symbols on the tags. In addition, the EBay pair has no logo on the size labels like my older ones. Additional the Joe's Jeans leather logo on the back pocket isn't there on the EBay jeans.

Can someone tell me if I was conned?

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Joyle--I was wondering the same thing bc Ive seen some JJ lately without the "JJ" logo on the back pocket....was wondering why this was but Im not too familiar with the brand so I was like ok maybe this is just the style...?!
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Maybe theres someone out there who can help us with this?

Anybody know anything about these jeans?

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I haven't seen any Joe's Jeans or Chip & Pepper offered by the usual shady "wholesale" people. Also looking on Ioffer is a good barometer of what is out there in the fake market.
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the older Joe's have a yellow / orange signature pocket design, and don't have the leather JJ logo. They also run smaller in size.

There are knock-offs out there too now. I advise to stay away from the honey idol wash jeans. Knock-offs are made of cheap fabric and have shorter inseam, grammatical errors in the tag, and a misshapen JJ logo.
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This is actually something I've been worrying about. I bought a pair of Joe's off eBay a while back, but I don't like the way they fit me. I was thinking about relisting them, but I've found myself questioning their authenticity. Even if you don't know too much about Joe's Jeans, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=53559437 91
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Hmm...I was looking at the tags to check for grammatical errors--as this was given as an indicator of fakes--and the JAPANESE (not Chinese) writing on the tags says "Joe's Jeans Japan". Does anyone know if Joe's makes different styles for the Japanese market? Because these are a style I've never seen on Joe's Jeans website or anywhere else that sells them.
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joe`s jeans

I`ve recently purchased a Joe`s Jeans at eBay and they are also made in Mexico of US fabric and don`t have the leather JJ logo on the back pocket such as the purple JJ logo on the inside tag.


I also have another pair of JJ`s made in USA and they do have the leather logo.

It seems to be always the same. If they are made in the US they alway have the leather logo and if they are made in Mexico they don`t. A sign of authenticity and/or is it only the year they were produced?...I don`t know...I`m also trying to spot fake signs of JJ`s...
Well, as I`m a ladies taylor I can differ cheap from good fabric immediately and the one that`s made in Mexico I bought at ebay recently has "no" cheap fabric and also fits very well. Anybody out there with similar experiences?! I`d be glad to here from you!
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JJ @ designer outlet

I recently bought a pair of Joe's Jeans from a designer outlet (off sak's fifth) and I noticed the tag said the same thing. "made in mexico" and no JJ on the back pocket. but it was present on the waist band. I'm sure these are 100% authentic because I bought them from a reputable department store, unless department stores are carrying replicas now? Anyone else bought a pair of JJ's from an outlet?
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Sorry to jack the thread but, Cicconerobot: Welcome back! You made it home! How did you end up getting back? Which ploy worked?
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well you can tell that joe's are fake if there's a typo on the tag. I had a pair "rocker" and it had a typo. and the denim looked really crappy
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Well I'm a little late to this party, but this link shows up on first page of google results for "fake Joe's Jeans". So, if this will ever help anyone ....
I have 4 pairs available to judge by right now; 2 are from legit stores & 2 are from eBay, but I believe them to be real. The first 2 I bought years ago, and the eBay ones I bought this week, so I'm sure things have changed a bit through the years. I'm fairly good at figuring out whether something is real, fake, cheap, or expensive. The best way to tell if anything is fake is to pay attention to the fabric, quality, seaming, and ***FIT***!! 
While Joe's Jeans only has around a dozen or so "fits" (IE: Cigarette, Honey, Socialite), there are many different styles, cuts, and washes to each "fit". Keep in mind each variety could be made in a different factory/country, causing slight irregularities between otherwise very similar jeans.
So... based off my 4 on hand:
- Tags all spelled correctly, no weird Chinese symbols!!!
- Size tags start w/ large "JOE'S" then JJ logo, next line "W: [size #]", "FIT: [fit]", then either where it's made OR fabric content, and varies *slightly* from there.
- Have small metal JOE'S tag on the right coin pocket (except my #4 has black plastic outside, metal inside)
- Zipper: stamped w/ JJ, YYK, 45u (except #4 again)
#1 from Nordstrom or Saks: (fit Honey, wash Gigi)
Joe's Label: white w/ black font, stitched on all 4 sides
Size Tag: made in USA, almost hidden date
Back Pocket: JJ logo in 3 separate leather pieces about 1x1" 
Button: weird logo on front, JJ logo inside
Metal studs: JJ logo inside and out
#2 from Nord/Saks: (fit Cigarette, wash Tessa)
Joe's Label: white w/ black font, stitched on all 4 sides 
Size Tag: made in Mexico (designed in Los Angeles), no date, has smaller tag underneath w/ size & style info
Back Pocket: JJ logo very small in metal
Button: weird logo on front, JJ logo inside
Metal Studs: none
*Purple stitching in some areas inside the jean
#3 from eBay: (fit Cigarette, wash Heidi)
Joe's Label: black suede w/ white font, stitched on 2 sides
Size Tag: made in Mexico (designed in Los Angeles), no date, has smaller tag underneath w/ size & style info
Back Pocket: long skinny black leather patch w/ JJ logo on far right side of patch
Button: weird logo on front now w/ starburst elements, JJ logo inside
Metal Studs: very small, do NOT have JJ logo on the inside or out
#4 from eBay: (fit Cigarette, wash Black) 
Joe's Label: gray/brown suede w/ white font, stitched on 2 sides
Size Tag: made in USA, date is visible, 
*Spacing weird: it goes "FIT:CIGARETTE", not "FIT: CIGARETTE", like the others
*Additional Tag: 3rd black tag inside - first line white font "THE CIGARETTE" & 2nd line gray font "STRAIGHT+NARROW"
Back Pocket: small metal JJ
Button: partly plastic but same weird logo on front again w/ starburst elements, JJ logo inside, (I think the jet black wash has to do with some parts being black plastic?)
Metal studs: none
Zipper: stamped YYK, 45u, NOT stamped w/ JJ logo (this pair is lower rise & the zipper is smaller though)
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