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575 and Genetic

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Anyone know if these brands are made in the US?

Any other opinions on either brand...?
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LOVELOVELOVE Genetic denim. The one pair I have here is made in the US. My other two are at home so IDK.
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My wife loves genetic jeans....I need to find her another pair she says those and her farmer industry are the most comfy
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I know that this thread is outdated, but I have a pair of 575 that I absolutely LOVE. They are super comfy and the waist band hits me at just the right spot--not too high, not too low.
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The brand profile for 575 at kitmeout says it's "... a
unique California jean for men and women alike." I think
they're now called 575/May 75. I own a few pair and
they're very nice. Great fit and nice looking to boot.
(I was searching here for info on them which is how I
happened upon this old thread.)

I own one pair of Genetic denim. VERY soft material and
nice relaxed fit. Would buy another pair of either anytime
(tho' I prefer the 575s). Both are TTS.
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This thread is from April...
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Uh, yeah, I know. I saw the original 04-25-2009 date.

As I wrote, I was looking for info and used the
search function. If replying to months old threads
is frowned upon, perhaps the mods should lock
threads after a certain period of time?..
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no idea what so ever... i m guessing its made in U.S.
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