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BBC/Ice cream

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Idk if this would go in the high end stuff, urban but kinda exclusive but, does anyone know where I can get some tees that are cheaper than Barney's pricing?
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Def wrong section. Don't bother, they look bad!
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do you really want to wear this stuff???? I mean, it's pretty hideous looking....
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I like wearing stuff by Nigo with my raws or supreme and bape is too much for me.
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lol, bbc/ice cream is even worse.
supreme is better.
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It's been a while since supreme released anything new and I gotta proxy it if I want supreme.
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Originally Posted by TRBigT View Post
True religion is awful imo.
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yeah i dont even own any TR anymore....its just my name on here now...
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He likes what he likes.

Can't help you on where to get it for cheaper though.
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There are a few places here in Atlanta that carry the entire line at 50% off during their sales.

I would call BBC/Ice Cream and see about their resellers in your area. They don't have a sales lock, so they should be able to discount come sales season.
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