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OT: My TR score!

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I LOVE THESE! Cause they are SUPER comfy and oh so soft, and I don't have any loose jeans to hang around in.

I got them for $30 @ Plato's Closet and they are BRAND NEW!!!!!!!


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What a deal!!!

There is a Plato's Closet about 20 miles from me, I've only been there once, but didn't find anything. Maybe I should go and try again. I have to be in the mood to seach thru all the racks at that place though.
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Awesome deal Jason...$30 for a brand new pair of TRs...that's crazy!!! Thanks for sharing
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Look for some for meee!!!!!!!
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Those are the best type of trues. Just the basic pairs, no super t stitching, or rainbow madness. The plain ones are so comfy, and the denim is nice and heavy.
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I saw them at the outlet for $80!!

nice score
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Sweet deal
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