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Which to keep?

Poll Results: Which pair should I keep?

Poll expired: May 1, 2009  
  • 33% (4)
    Acne Hex Cash 28x34
  • 41% (5)
    Dior 17.5cm Night Fall sz28
  • 0% (0)
  • 25% (3)
12 Total Votes  
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Okay, so I just recently acquired two pairs of black denimz... and I don't think I want to keep both. One is Acne Hex Cash in 28x34, and the other are Dior Night Falls in size 28.

Both are brand new never been worn... so they're pretty tight (the Diors especially so). Fit pics are below... so tell me guys, do you think both pairs will stretch adequately or does one look significantly better than the other? IMO the Acnes look better right now, but I can't tell if the Diors will stretch out enough to fit properly, or if I just look funny in 17.5cm

Acne Hex Cash 28x34 pre-stretch:

Dior 17.5cm Night Fall sz28 pre-stretch:

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Acne fit better now. But I think the Diors will break in perfectly!
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What Ron said: The Acnes fit perfect now. Color and shiny texture are really awesome. The Diors might break in more beautiful and end with better texture, but maybe not as well. Both look so beautiful and maybe even different enough to justify keeping them both.

Those pics make me really think about copping my first black pair of denim since ever.
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Wow, your w+h are so clean!
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^ lol yeah, I haven't really worn them much, as I wore my Zara sneakers all winter, since midwest winters are pretty nasty. I'm probably gonna bust these out soon, though, as my Zaras are dying fast.

Any thoughts on which pair I should keep?

And thanks to Ron and Ben for your input... where's everyone else at? This place is dead...
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Haha sorry, I should of mentioned I voted for both. I don't mind how the Dior's look right now and obviously they would look better once you get the sag in.

I'm really liking the coated/sheeny black look right now...hmm I think I'm gonna go shopping for some tomorrow
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diors are ridiculous.
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Okay... here's a few pics of how the Diors fit now after a few nights of wear. I've only really slept in them so far. Haven't worn them out or really while doing anything that involves much moving around.

Click for alternates (I tried them on with my patent CPs in one of the pics haha):

Excuse the sloppy stacks.
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Those patent CPs are dope, as are the W+H kicks, you have some quality footwear

I think its really a tossup, as they both fit well.

Personally I think people are more fixated on the idea of Dior as opposed to Acne, I think even subconsciously that "upper echelon" of branding can sway people sometimes

So basically I am no friggin help at all, and have posted here to offer nothing of any value. But that also doesnt matter because no one is online at this place to read my comments
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Seriously though, I like the Nightfalls better
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Hahahaha, thanks Chris. I agree about your comment on Dior and the idea of the label, though. The Acnes are really great too. I love both, but I think I am partial to the Diors (the wax coating feels so nice and the denim is nice and soft --- they could use a little more stretching but other than that, they're great)
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Where'd you get the hex cash, they're sold out everywhere?
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Diors are definitely keepers.
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Originally Posted by superbasil View Post
Where'd you get the hex cash, they're sold out everywhere?
Forward by Revolve
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keep the diors
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nightfalls ftw
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