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Bought a House :)

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I'm pretty excited. It is everything we wanted and need. We don't have possession just yet, but I've already picked out a color scheme!

The kitchen will be a light ivory/cream and so will the informal living room on the main floor. The front entrance, formal dining and living area is going to be a Grey/blue. The den/my office might be covered with both soft and rich shades of purple or some other girly happy color.

I'm going to be painting all the bathrooms relatively soon and I'm not sure what colors yet. All of the counters in the house have a cream/brown/ivory granite and the bathroom has a light blue tile. Although I'm not a fan of the light blue tile, I'm not ready to do major reno's to the house 2 months before my wedding!

Just thought I'd share and ask what your favorite color combination in your houses are! Did you find two colors that went well together that you do not usually see?
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everything black and electric purple. Only way to go.
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Congrats!!! What part of Calgary did you buy in?

I personally love a dark ocean blue in bathrooms, but it might not look good with light blue tile.
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^ I found a nice dark blue/gray that looked nice with the tile, but since I'm too afraid to paint the big spaces with any rich colors I'm afraid a dark color might make the bathrooms look like a little holes in the walls. I'd prefer not to say which area, I hate having my info on the net.

Blm if your being serious (which I just cannot tell...) you must be brave! I don't think I could go that dark, I need something bold but more light and bright. Hahaha my kitchen now is bright green, like the color of green tea icecream.
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^No worries, I was just curious because my dad is planning on buying me a place in the fall. I am thinking the NW or SE part. If you have W-Network, there is this awesome show called Colour Confidential that exposes many different colour choices for many types of rooms.
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^ AH! I almost watched that today but instead I went to the gym.
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Purple is great for bedrooms...GF and I did our MBR in two shades of lavender and it looks awesome. We matched the bathroom to it, too.
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congrats,I always prefer light colors in hoouse,because when I get drunk or sick,I hate to dark colors
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i think we need pics to confirm this is a true story get them up when you get moved in
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Dark maroon and sun yellow in the guest bathroom.
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