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denim repair

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Can anyone recommend a good Tailor for Denim Alterations/Repairs in the UK London areas please. ?
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denim repair

My friend recommended this site, you post the jeans, they repair them then post them back. they're based in england.

The Denim Patch - Home
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No sure what you need done to your jeans but we just tried this stuff called
Hem Tape for Denim and its gr8 for temporary fixes. It's like this double sided
stuff that washes out. Just an idea.
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We are not in the UK.  But most of our business is done mail order.  Return international shipping is only $45, thats only £28!  Sign up on our website to send your jeans to us:  http://denimtherapy.com/repair.php

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Honestly, $45 for just hemming a jeans isn't worth it. Most people spend btw $50 to $150 on a pair of jeans. If you are spending in excess of $200-300, you may still consider spending $45, but otherwise, a big NO!


In India, every shop including Tommy, CK, even Levis, just anybody who you buy it from does this work free of cost. And if you hire the services of an entry level tailor, he usually charges around $2-3 for this, max to max sub $5.


Even if you send them to India and get them back, it will be cheaper than $45 one way.


Sending jeans to India one way is like $15, so you would end up spending $35-40 all inclusive, at most, that is.


And that I would say isn't a very feasible solution.


You should probably try to get it done for some ten odd bucks or so, max.

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