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tsubi (ksubi) jeans

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im really liking these tsubi jeans as im looking for some grayish jeans for quite a while

Gray Ksubi Tsubi jeans worn 32 33 destroyed - eBay (item 400042385731 end time Apr-15-09 18:26:16 PDT)

these are like thanaz but with lower rise.anyway my question is does this particular wash(destryoed gray) come also in some straight leg cut (i usually dont go lower than 19cm leg opening)? and can anyone get a hold of these jeans for a good price?what size would i need if im 32in most of diesel jeans..this seller says these size 30 run large and would fit w33

thnx for replies and your help
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Would you buy them if I had them and how much would you invest?
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i would if they were the right size,dont know what are the prices of these new in storesr but looking on ebay id say the range of 50-70 bucks would do it.PM me with some pictures and actual measures of waist, upp tight,leg open.,rise and inseam (and measure all like they do on blue in green website)

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