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I meant the hole, dunno why I said patch.

31x23 Zathan 86T, washed out but no damage? I was thinking 100
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that sounds about right $90-$100
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Hey guys how 'bout these: Rabox P79 (special edition), Rabox 890, Rabox 772, Shazor 732, Shazor 88S, Zathan 80R, Zathan 180, zathan 708, Zathan 83l, Zathan 888, Thanaz 8bz, Thanaz 72c, Cachacha 83m, Viker 81k, Zaf 70z, Zaf 832, Slammers 61e, 87j, 8js, paistol 8bt, enfaiader 70h, kratt 796, I have a ton more but I can just remember this top of my head, Oh! and how about some Dope and Drakar 1174 (salvaged)

The sizing are all over the place but mostly 32 x32 or 31x 32. Do you guys think it will be worth the trouble...I have to verify my account with Paypal and all. I have never sold anything and I don't need the cash but I want to clean my closet a bit.
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Why not list those items in the HF mall? If they don't sell, you can resort to eBay as a back up plan...
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^Then I have to explain how everything is authentic!
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You're gonna need to prove them authentic either way - if you want your items to actually sell. I suggest taking heavy photos including macro shots of the microstitching.

You'll get a lot more bids that way.

After all our talk about how Zaf 796 isnt popular / worth much anymore, I have 12 watchers on Ebay vs. 3-5 for all my other pairs.
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Zatiny 8FC 29x30 perfect condition - 120?
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Keever 8LG 28x30 - 120?
Thanaz 8IW 28x30 - 160?
Safado 8AA 27x30 - 140?
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whoops, we left ross hanging:

1. Viker 72C 26x30
worn less than 10, washed 1
I'd say 150 easy in that size.

2. Slammer 8bk 26x30
worn less than 10, washed 1, zippers removed
Maybe 100? I don't think that wash is very popular, but still a rare/ small size.
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Thanks! Appreciate that very much.
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NWT Zathan 70c 29x30?
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I'd say 150 +... that wash sells
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Timmen 71J
27x30 (was 32)
2nd owner...worn 5x by me, washed 0
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timmen - 175 (because hemmed)
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thanaz 8CA
worn about 5x
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thanaz 8ca - $120 would be my guess
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Hello guys
How about

Trouleg 8ib 32x32
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I would say you are looking ar around $90-$110 a piece on each
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Originally Posted by TicoDiesel View Post
NWT Zathan 70c 29x30?
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Those 70C will fetch more than that, I'd start at 130 - 140. BNWT Thanaz 72C should get at least 150 in that size I think. I'll let you know how much the ones I have up go for, got a bunch of stuff on Ebay right now.

Here's the latest sales with condition/wear represented as x/10

Zathan 60F | 30x30 | 8/10 = $90
2 watchers

Zathan 60F | 30x30 | 9/10 = $102.50
4 watchers

Thanaz 61E | 29x30 | 9/10 = $170 BIN
2 watchers within 2 hrs, BIN after 2 hrs.

Zathan 772 '04 | 32x32 | 6/10 = $140 BIN
6 watchers, BIN in 2 days

Zaf 796 | 32x32 | 9/10 = $99
12 watchers!, 1 bid

Zathan 764 | 30x30 | 9/10 but washed out = $120
5 watchers,

Zathan 8BE | 32x30 | 8/10 = 120
4 or 5 watchers

Zathan 71J | 28x30 | 7/10 (hemmed to a 29, bit of hem wear) = 118.50
4 watchers
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Few more, in case I really need to sell everything (just bought a new car):

1. Viker 71B 27x32 (2nd owner)
10 wears by me, 0 washes by me

2. Safado 8aa 27x30 (bought new from DoM)
approx 10-15 wears, 0 washes (no fading or wear)

3. Safado 71R 28x32 (2nd owner)
1 wash, 2 wears by me
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How about some BNWT Thanaz 72L 31 x 32?
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How about Zathan space bnwt in sizes 29-34?
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thanaz 72L in 31x32 nwt: about $110-$130 depending on the wash ink/rust variations in you specific pair. Seems like most people are looking for 71J, 8GZ, 8AA for Thanaz right now

Zathan 708 Space (not the white space release one) is kind of hard to nail down- I've seen them go for $70-$150 in ebay auctions depending on the size/condition and how many people pick up on the auction at any given time. On a side note, is your ebay ID the same as your login? If so I think I've bid on your auctions in the past..
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Ross, given the rarity of your size, and the fact that all of those washes are sought after (maybe summertime will bump the 71R), I'd say:

Safado 8AA - 120 -140

Viker 71B - 120 - 140

Safado 71R - pretty rare, not a single one on ebay now. maybe 120 - 160, not really sure.
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