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i checked Safado-8IH size issue


safado-8IH W29/L34

sorry, this thread for seller ?? buyer?? or both??
my post is to know
 "how can i get one on lowest price as buyer..."
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This is if you are trying to sell what you can get for a pair..

Safado 8IH- if you take good pics to really show the wash, you should be able to fetch $150-180 shipped if you pull a BIN OBO in the $190-$220 range especially if you still have the hanging tag laying around. Otherwise, will prolly go for 90-130 at auction tops since you're in Italy.
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Hi guys,
this is my first time using honest forum. Im cleaning out my closet for the first time in ages and want to sell some pairs of denim and a couple shoes. Below is a list of what i'd like to get rid of, any feedback on pricing would be much appreciated.

Timmen 88s 26 X 30 (with tags, like new condition)
Paddop 73J 26 X 32 (BNWT)
Poiak 8sv 26 X 32 (With tags, Like new condition)
Thanaz 8Iw 26 X 32 (BNWT)
Diesel Black Gold Glamrock (Used Once only because i bought a pair of common projects trainer boots instead)
Shmoove Easy Corso Shoes (BNIB)

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Timmen 88S -Just saw a pair up for sale like 3 days ago in the same size and they weren't moving for the $175-$200 the guy priced them at (I think). On the flip side, I sold my pair for $250 about 4-5 months ago in a 30x32. Im guessing with this pair and the other sz 26s, you might find a bit of a problem selling as far fewer guys can fit into a sz26.
As for the paddop 73J/poiak 8SV, you should be able to get in the $175-$200 relatively easily for them.
Thanaz 8IW run tight, so prolly $125-$150 maybe
^All these are considering like new condition- if you're missing a tassle or there's any noticeable wear, start subtracting. My recommendation is to get them all up BIN OBO if you have the time to move them. Because of the size, only resort to a straight auction if absolutely necessary. And make sure your auctions are available worldwide as your target audience is NOT in the US

No idea on shoes really- maybe $50-75 depending on wear
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Thanks for the reply, the timmen 88s on ebay are mine (I sell everything through my brothers account). With regards to the condition, every pair is 9.9/10 or Brand New 10/10. I listed all my items on ebay.com, so hopefully ill target a worldwide audience. If they jeans dont move ill put it up for OBO cuz im in no rush. If you recommend listing stuff here at honest forum i think ill do that as well, if theres enough people that may be interested. Also, based on my listings what type of dior jeans would one recommend? I'd like to get a pair for daily wear, without any rips but a very good wash. Any suggestions would be great.
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UMC, Jakes, dust, Indigo MIJ Raw if you want to go that way- most likely 17.5 or 19- stay away from 21cm if you the more of the Thanaz cut. Other people know more about Dior than I do though- I only own one pair (for now)
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BNWT Thanaz 8iw in 29x34 and 28x34. thanks
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^ ebay? there are tons of 8IWs on ebay right now
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^yup. so how much should they go for?
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Care to place a value on:
White porcelain Butterfly Skull branded with Diesel.
Blk/wt porcelain skull with mohawk (not branded).
Leather throw pillow form Truckistan Diesel embroidered.
Leather throw from Truckistan with Trans-siberian graphic on face.
Dog plates from F/W 2009 Diesel stamped on back.

These are considerably more rare than denim but the number of people that will appreciate them is also smaller. Not sure if i wanna put them on ebay, honestmall or just keep them.
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thanaz-8IW W32L34 (w/t tag BNWT , only check size suitable or not)...

safado-8IW W31L34 (w/t tag BNWT ,only check size suitable or not)...



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I'd say around $139 as a buy it now. It's kind of dead right now but you should sell them by the time back to school comes around so just sit tight for a few weeks.

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thx for your kind advice!!

 i'm waiting for your back. this is the bite for picking up u









 i'm so happy your backing this forum!!


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safado-71J W31L34 (w/t tag BNWT , only check size suitable or not)...

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That's a very nice jean I have this one but I'm waiting for a special night out to wear these. Anyway you can get $149 for the 71J but not until September when back to school comes around. It's been 100 degrees here in New York and I haven't put on a pair of jeans in like 2 weeks. Some sad shit but yeah. I'm really into cargo shorts with Polo Ralph lauren Madras shirts. I went crazy in the last 2 weeks buying these shirts and so far I have about 10.

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OK, i'll wait...


thx for your advice.

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Zathan 772 - W32 L34 BNWT from 2008(Last I think) Lab 330 - Unworn completely new with tags.

what should I demand?

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What would be the estimated value of Zatiny 8c0 36x30 worn only 4-5 times and never washed?


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Anyone seen Thanaz 8KW for sale recently? I'm  thinking about selling my pair, Im very certain they can go for over 200 easily. They are in great shape.

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Saw one on eBay awhile back, but that's yet.
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Saw one on eBay awhile back, but that's yet.
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Hi there,


How much can I sell these please :


Viker 8KK in 27X32

Larkee 73L in 27X32

Timmen 71J in 29X32




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