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^ Yep, too bad it only goes down to 29. Not good for us little people.
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I wear those as my looose jeans, I have them in 29, they fit rather small for 29 tho. I can get away with wearing those to work :P
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This should belong in the "Yay or Nay" thread, but whatevs.

I already have a pair of skinny black wax coated jeans. There are some Acne Hex Cash I wanna buy. SHOULD I DO IT?!
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Do it up, some of the best coated jeans out there... and I've been through quite a number of pairs :P
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I was thinking about it, but I need to save money and I just bought a pair of black non coated jeans today. So thanks Tony! PICS when you get them!
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Hahahaha you're so smart

Just helping you relieve your temptations, and putting my itchy trigger finger at ease

I'll definitely post some fit pics (if they fit) when they arrive and I get some time. Thanks for the linkage too
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Wow so I contacted a local boutique and they carry them for 199.95 cad. Unreal price considering it would have been 300 usd shipped to me! So now comes the convincing part.
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ACNES @ $85!!! (use TULIP for 15% off)

Acne Hex Cash

Acne Max Cash
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Hows the quality of acne jeans? A lot of them are listed as twill fabric... must be nice...
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anyone familiar on the sizing and fit of "Acne Max Cash"?

Acne Jeans Max Jeans in Cash

Should i go same size as diesel/dior on these? I'm a 28 in thanaz/19cm.
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Not sure about the Max Cash, but I had the Hex Cash for a short period of time (returned them once I got my Night Falls).

As for those, I ended up getting a size 28, and I'm normally a 27 or 28 in Diesel (27 in stretch washes, 28 in 100% cotton) and a 28 in Diors (19cm, 17.5cm). They fit pretty well, and I think they would have stretched out perfectly.

Hope that helps.
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re; trouleg black, can you wash several time to get the blue/


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