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Black coated.

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What are a good slim pair (any brand) of black coated jeans under the 300 dollar mark. I see Nudies have Average Joes, but those are to baggy.
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Slim Jim Dry Black Coated or Thin Finn Dry Black Coated are also offerings from Nudie
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I think Naked & Famous is going to come out with a coated version of their black power stretch.
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^ The Acnes look nice. I was considering getting myself a pair... as I really could use some [really] black jeans.

They are more overdyed though as opposed to resin/polyurethane/wax coated like TFDBC or whatever. But sort of the same.
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So with the black coated jeans, hows it all work? Is it wax, or what type of a coating on it? Also does the coating start to wear off for for the creases.
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The coating depends on the jeans. It's often a polyurethane or resin coating. Over time, this is the stuff that wears off. Then, after an even longer time, you should get fades (I think most of them do this).

TFDBC are weird, though, from what I've read. The coating doesn't wear in the same way as other coated denim. The high abrasion areas actually get shinier with wear. After being machine washed, they start to lose their coating, though, as expected.
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Ok sweet thanks shoebox. Sfam, do you know about sizing on those? I would love to get length 34, but 29 might stretch to be to big.
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Acne jeans runs very tts. A 30" waist will measure 15" across laid flat. You'll be okay sizing up 2 from your Diesels.
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Nother vote for the Acnes...

The material and coating is really similar to Diesel's 8EB but a lot more resiliant. Mine have been washed twice (one by previous owner) and they are still very much black coated. I have an older pair of black coated I experimented with recoating and what I have found is shoe polish.. the instant spit shine variety does a really good job recoating jeans. I wouldn't recommend it as it might be absolute shit for your health, but just sayin' it works. Apply, iron, buff with cloth and its like new
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Also, if you can find a polyester cotton mix, you have the look of coated denim, without loosing the shine
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So I just want to be sure I understand. These will not stretch much more than tagged size?
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All things stretch
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K well yeah, but I mean like A.P.C. I shouldn't be sizing down?
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Lol sorry my reading comprehension is non existant right now , but which pair did you decide on?
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Sorry I worded that wrong. I meant compared to my A.P.C sizing, since they stretched out so much.
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Acne fits really really really TTS, I wear 26 in most things, well 27 now that Ive gotten fat for eating all the shit I eat, but I got my Acnes in 28 and they are tight. I would say at most, over an extended period of time they will stretch a size. Take waist size divide by two, and you have the across waist measurement.
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Ok sweet thanks, now I just have to find a good price on them.
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^ Good luck... I've been searching for quite some time and I can't find much of anything
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Hopefully a store near me has a sale, and I can cop there. Thats how I picked up PS.
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A dumb experiment I tried - Dying my Trouleg 8EUs with a whole bottle of Rit dye - has yielded interesting results. They're starting to look coated. I've worn them a couple of times and on the thighs, fly and seat, they're starting to develop a black sheen at movement/friction points.

If any of you have a beater pair that you'd like to try this on - the results are pretty bitchin.
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JL Jay in Jet Set Batavia are a nice option for Black Coated jeans. You might have to size up one from your True low Rise waist size.

J. Lindeberg Jay Jet Set Batavia Pants - ssense.com

I own these and they are really nice...tight and slim, but no taper.
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^ I own those too
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Thats a good price, to bad they're sold out. I am only asking for the max cash for my birthday, so hopefully I can get it!
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Those JL are only sold out on SSense. I think i have seen them on Zappos and ASOS a few weeks ago. Not sure on the sizes though. I think the J. Lindeberg website also has them for sale.
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