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Do Viker inseams run long

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As an older guy i like my jeans fitted but not tight. I have Quratt's and am looking for more diesels jeans. For some reason a pair of Larkee's I tried on seem way too low rise for me. I am thinking Viker in the right size will fit well. My ideal size is 36x36, straight leg, or slight boot-cut. I noticed some Diesels waist size run big. Since 36 inseam is hard to finds, do the Viker 34 inseam run long?

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might run an extra half inch to an inch or so, but most likely not 2 inches.. The only cut I know of that runs over that much is Trouleg
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how tall are you?
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Thank for the insights, I am 6'5" tall and like my jeans longer rather than shorter. Interestingly when I bought the quratts 8FI and another pair of Quratts the 34 inseam was good. When I try to wear PDC, SFAM or G-star in 34 length they end up a bit short. I think the Viker will work if not too tight.

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I have looked at a few Viker washes and have limited my choice to these:
73H, 8LH, 8KK, 73I
The washes I don't think I like are:
73J, 8SI, 8UP, 8LD, 8SV

Are there any other washes I haven't seen that are not included here? And...of the washes I have listed what do you guys thik of my assessment?
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i'm 6'4" and all of the Troulegs that I've ever owned run extra long. You should try the cut out.
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Hey, Keith2.

While I'm a puny 6'2", I'm awfully high waisted, and have a longer inseam (35") than most dudes that are 3-4" taller than I.

There are a lot of jeans I cannot wear, but I can safely wear Diesels, as they all tend to be long in the inseam, IMHO.

I own three pair of Viker (another on the way) and the inseam on all of 'em are good. The shortest is the 71B, which is what I'm wearing right now. Even with them I have a slight amount of stack.

For bootcuts, I find Zatiny runs a little shorter than most, but Zathans are good. Shazor (bigger bootcut) and Koffha (flare) are hella long.
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Thanks dude, I trust you are referring to the 34 inseams. What is you waist size? Do you wear your Vikers tight, snug, or a little loose? Afro said to try out Trouleg, what do you think? A simple goggle search and it seems they may be hard to find.

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there's a bunch up on ebay actually in big sizes: trouleg, Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Straight Leg items on eBay.com

but, they are slim, in fact one of my more conservative friends balked at how tight my Trouleg were when i had my 8Dks...
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Rob..thank for your comments, not really what I want, still going for the Vikers but I have seen some cool Troulog picture..just can't find what I want, and in my size. Good luck on your sales.


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be advised that the Vikers are a low waist cut.
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Thanks Safadoman...What do you suggest I buy, I am 6'5", 205 lbs. I have two pair of Quratts size 36x34 and they are a little big in the waist, washes are 8FI and 8FC. I would like to try other Diesel fits, that are good for a guy 50 years old, tall and thin.

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I want to stress again, that Vikers are a very low rise cut jeans. If you find the larkees to be too low in terms of rise, Viker might not be what you are searching for. Additionally Vikers tend to look very slobby when worn relaxed due to the back pockets being spaced further apart. Try them out in a store, before ordering one online or buy in an online shop where you can do a return.

You can try to find some Levans (discontinued) online. Those are a more relaxed, mid to high rise jeans.
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Originally Posted by Keith2 View Post
Thanks dude, I trust you are referring to the 34 inseams. What is you waist size? Do you wear your Vikers tight, snug, or a little loose? Afro said to try out Trouleg, what do you think? A simple goggle search and it seems they may be hard to find.

Yeah, I'm a 34 inseam, and 33 or 34 waist. With Vikers I wear a 33 x 34. I have one pair that's what I would call a relaxed fit; the other two are slim but not tight.

Vikers are a lower rise, but I don't think they're extremely low rise. Try them on, and keep an eye on how they fit in the rear, because they can look sloppy if they're too big. Levans are a decent fit, too, and might be a good match for what you want.

I think if you're going for a looser fit, the rise will be less important to you than than how tight or baggy the overall fit is.
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Keith, just so you know, those aren't my Ebay listings, just trying to help you out.

My brother wears Levan, those would probably be the way to go if you find Viker too slim.
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Ok guys, I have looked around and I am leaning at giving Larkee's another try. Maybe the first pair I tried-on, and I can't remember the wash was, an aberration. I got them from Gilt Groupe but sent them back. Price was very good; I wish Gilt would have another Diesel sale.
I have found a Larkee 8ST that looks sweet. Does anyone have any experience with the Larkee 8ST? I found it a size 36x36 from an English source but for only $125.00. In JCrew/Gap or BR I generally fit well into a 35/36 or 36/36; will the Larkee 8ST 36x36 be to big.
As always, your opinions and recommendations are most appreciated and welcomed.

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most diesel jeans run an inch or two over the stated waist size- best to try on or get measurements if purchasing online to make sure they are the right size
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What Darnoc said but it is rather 2 inches. And take into consideration, that most Diesel jeans stretch a lot with the first few wears (up to a whole size, depending on how tight they are initially).
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Hey just picked up this thread again.,., I'm 6'6 and have a zatiny 71j loving the length and the wash! 38'34

but just got some zathans 89z same measurements and they're a bit shorter :( still doabale just low on the waist

I too am looking for longer Diesels sooo any advice?

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exact size in waist and also exact lenght depends on wash. you should check the sizing information before you buy it online... There is also difference between the cuts - in lenght, some cuts are supposed to be longer than tagged size.

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So there are no washes or fits that GENERALLY run longer???
....there has to be
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hey size 15,  the Zatiny 71j's are low rise, how do they fit compared to the zathan 89z?  I'd like to find a more fitted diesel with a higher rise, down't have to be high rise, just higher and fitter.  Levans and Quaratt are baggy. 

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Hey Keith what's up
I love my zatinys and I think the rise is more/longer on them than the zathans
I will be looking for zatinys before zathan that I can tell you
Timmen is what I could reccomend for you slim fit high rise awesome washes
Maybe onijo those are a bit tighter tho plus slightly tapered
For myself viker Safado trouleg zatiny are the the ones on my list
Thx for the help on this board
AND Trouleg are the longest inseem should be noted!
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