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Dry Cleaning Raw Denim

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Does dry cleaning affect the indigo? Is it better or worse than doing a quick cold wash with a little woolite? there's a green cleaner near my house I've been thinking about taking my skulls there after about 3 weeks of hard wear everyday. They're beginning to smell a little ripe.

Antimicrobial febreze and airing them out helps, but not enough. I need to be clean. I have heard though that dry cleaning may not be good for indigo.
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Dry cleaning harms the fabric. A few times doesn't hurt but definitely don't go an dry clean your jeans every three months. If you need to, just throw them in the wash.
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My experience is that Dry Cleaning doesn't let the "life" creep out of the denim. I have jeans that have been dry cleaned several times, and look very good, but it feels like the soul of the denim hasn't come out and I would have been better off just giving them a soak in the tub.
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I've still been wearing them everyday and airing out at night with febreze...definitely time for a cold water short gentle cycle in the machine. I guess I'll skip the dry clean. I just got another pair of Japanese raws so I can rotate.
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