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Onijo 71G

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Alike the fit, maybe a tad bit to loose on lower legs. But what about the stack?

P.s yes I know you guys will hate the T, but they fit so well.
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honestly, ur taste for shirts is horrible
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Brad, learn how to take proper pics. The first pic looks like your knees are locked and your butt is sticking out...which will make any pair of jeans look crappy.
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those look way too baggy imo.
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Way too baggy and what you call stack actually is just bunching.

And what about the shirt is fitting well? To me it seems rather short, the sleeves are too wide and it is hanging on your chest like a (insert convinient bag like thing here).
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BTW, if you dont want to use photoshop for simple tasks like cropping or resizing pictures, your imagehoster provides that functionality as well.
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