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Fastest way to get money?!

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So I need money, quick!

I have a job, but it's not doing me any good. I would get a second job, but the recession is ridiculous.

Any suggestions other than the sex/drug trade?!
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sell all your stuff
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take out life insurance on yourself then kill you'reself
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take all your savings and start making party organizations (cool ones)
then by the mid summer your parties may became popular,also you can earn alot by this way,but I have to say it is hard and sometimes illegal (for getting rid of the taxes)
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Start A Pants Forum. Get MODS & Members that do all the work for you while you "work behind the scenes"
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^"you are hurting my feelings "
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sex or drug trade is the only option!
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Money is probably the biggest hoax played on humanity. Get a life.
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^buy spending money on designer stuff,Does money really hoax??
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1. sell your jeans/clothes
2. use all your money and buy some penny stocks and sell when price goes up.
3. buy a gun or a co2 bb gun and bust out a jack move on some rich guys at a gas station.
4. wager all of your money on a hand of blackjack at a local casino
5. buy lottery...chances are from slim to none, but hey....you can't expect miracles to happen when you dont put in any effort right?
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Right of the top of my head, sell your body.
If not, sell drugs.
If not that, sell your semen.
If not that, sell your plasma.
If not that, sell your blood.

If you don't mind rolling up your sleeves a bit, affiliate marketing can be quite lucrative.
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drop things you do not need like cable. If you are paying for a cell phone either change the plan you are on (make sure that you won't use more than you have though) and look at dropping your home phone line. Go to you car insurance people and see if you can change your monthly payments (perhaps by having to pay a larger deductable, etc.)

Stop eating out / going to pubs. Save money by buying liqour and having people over at your house.

Good luck
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you should become a hitman...or a bounty hunter...just look at the fbi most wanted you can get some money fast!! or you can just mow some lawns for some extra dough...
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