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OT: anyone from edmonton?

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im going there for work on the 19th
so im wandering is there any place you guys recommand in terms of shopping?
R&R jeans, Winners, or even places like vancouver's yaletown or gastown.

any input would be great =]
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take a roadtrip to calgary, and shop for rocks. Theres plenty of places over here !!
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And Calgary isn't full of hicks. But you'll be BOUND to find something at West Ed.
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If you're specifically looking for brands like 7FAM, R&R, TR, definitely hit up West Edmonton Mall. There are many stores that carries those brands. There's an Aritzia store there too.

Edmonton City Centre has Urban (R&R, Diesel) and just opened a BCBG Max Azria some time ago.
Attached to the same building is Manualife Place which has Highgrade (7FAM, Diesel) and Holt Renfrew, along with some higher end luxury brands.

Whyte Ave. has some really nice stores. If you do end up walking down there, there is two Gravity Pope stores there, one for clothing and the other for shoes. I'm pretty sure you've heard of it considering there's one located in Vancouver as well.

If you need anymore info, feel free to PM me!
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I usually go to Edmonton to shop (ok ok and to swim at west ed) and I have been very lucky finding RR's at the first Winners when you come in from the south on Calgary Trail (I believe), on the west side of the highway.

There is a store called Urban in west ed (second floor by the fancy area, by petcetra) that has lots of jeans. I love that store a lot more than I like the one we have here in Calgary. The only problem is that sometimes size selection can be crap.
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The urban in Calgary is awesome. Are you talking about the one in TD square? Calgary has amazing winners. I would suggest you go to both Calgary and Edmonton.
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The Winners on Calgary Trail is a Runway store. I haven't been there in a long time, but the last time I went, I seen some J Brand and TR jeans.
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omg thank you guys for all the inputs
im def. gonna try finding sometime to visit the west edmonton mall
does anyone of you know about the South Edmonton Common?
i'll be there setting up a new store
is it far from the west edmonton mall?
a road trip to calgary probably wont happen, but if i do get a time off, i'll go check it out =]
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Isn't South Edmonton Common the outlets? I don't think you will find any pd stores there. Its mostly Old Navy, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Aldo, and stuff like that.
What store are you opening?
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an oulet?! damn it, so now i REALLY have to find time to go to west edmonton mall!!!
im there to support the opening of H&M =)
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Yes its like a power centre place. There is Ikea and Home depot and such. Its right at the end or start of the city depending on where you are coming from.
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I believe the outlets are on the east side of the highway and the winners is on the west.

and yes bradl i think the urban at TD square in Calgary sucks. The owner is a complete douche. He sat there basically calling me an idiot because multi Super's "don't exist." The store is also covered in Harajuku girls stuff which isn't really my cup of tea.
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I guess I haven't been there in awhile. Thats the one thing about the people who work in the high end stores though, they are all douches. The only place I will spend my money on clothes is Market Mall, or winners westhills. Every where else is full of snobs, and arrogant rich kids.
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I agree with you 100% But even the guy who owns Pusch (and X-10-sion if any of you are familiar with Kelowna BC) are so utterly out of it. I don't understand how these people think they can get you to buy $200+ jeans by being incredibly rude to you.

And by the way...winners has been awesome lately!
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I have never seen the guy who owns Pusch, but he is pulling in a good buisness thats for sure! Winners has been amazing, they're flooded with Diesels right now, its amazing!!! I spend all the money I don't have there.
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Is that the winners in Signal Hill?

DO they have much for women?
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I don't know. But its a runway winners, so I have been spotting dsquared, gucci, mcqueen, burberry, D&G, and versace. I would assume that they'd have the same selection for woman though. Lots of girls walking out with Diesel today so, go give it a check!
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Thanks for the heads up! I am coming up to Calgary in a couple of weeks so will go there for sure.
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Out of curiosity, where in gods name is potato?
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LOL I am actually from Vauxhall if you have ever heard of that. We are the potato capital of alberta
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O ok, yeah I have. Didn't know that though.
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