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Website for real?

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It's fake
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God I thought everybody knew that. Thats like the most asked question on here
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Yeah, was gonna say. Thank you!
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And blah blah Brad!! Like you don't ask dumb questions...
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I'm not saying its a dumb question, just didn't expect someone who's been here for that long to ask that.....
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OHHH, MY BAD!!! I see your over-posting has made you an expert. I bow to your superiority.
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Well, after just looking at the website I was able to tell lol.
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Brad.. don' be bitchy....
But yeah, the only reason I knew was because I've asked that question before
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Not being bitchy at all, can't tell sense of tone over the nets.
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Oh Sunny you make me laugh , I have a feeling we have a very similar sense of humour
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LOL That's a very good thing indeed!
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