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shipping question

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Hi guys. I have a question. If I sell items on here (through honestmall) or through ebay, and it's international shipping, is there a way to track it?

I'm in the US and someone wanted me to ship something to France. What is the best way to ship it? I went on usps.com and checked the prices, but I am unsure which type is best for tracking. Flat rate, etc etc. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm used to only shipping within the US via Priority so all this international shipping w/ tracking is new to me.

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I dont remember if global priority mail is fully traceable to France. EMS with insurance is _always_ the safest option.
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What is EMS?
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Express Mail; the fastest method available with USPS. It offers tracking as well as $100 insurance automatically.
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Def go with Express Mail.

Also, I usually limit my auctions to North America only. At least for me, I've found that international orders are more likely to encounter problems. Plus, if you run into trouble, you can't as easily just call them and work things out over the phone.

But at the same time, listing your item internationally gives it more exposure to more bidders, so who knows.
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