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and one more pair
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Looks like the sun's shining on the butt!
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1st pair 100% real
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I take it from that you mean the second pair is fake?
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not saying that, just not 100% sure
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Every pair that has that background is real, thats like the 10th time in the last month I have seen a pair of jeans with that bench under neath it. The second is real, the person always sells real ones.
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Hahaha Brad

That person with the bench is me

I definitely try and sell authentic denim, but I got a buyer with that second pair who is claiming the jeans are fake, and I wanted to know if I let a fake get by me. I could have sworn they were real.

Your post definitely just put a big smile on my face.
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Lol thats pretty sweet, got quite a bit of jeans there, seen a couple in the rock section that has bought from you.
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