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My A.P.C are loosing its ability to crease like it did before my hot soak. My honeycombs are disappointing me. Maybe I am to knit picky, but I'd like to try and starch them and get some good hold on them. Is there anyone who could tell me how to do it, where to read how to do it, or anything about it like pros/cons of doing it. Or if its even worth my time doing it.

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additionally, you shouldnt have hot soaked your apcs.. esp. not this soon.. if ever really..

(hot soak? seriously?)

you fail at denim.
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whats so wrong with hot soaking?
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whats the point with sanforized denim??
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It's better then washing them. Its all based on personal opinion. They came out looking better than they did before.
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Btw. Your sig says: searching Dior MIJ size 29... I dont think they will fit you, at least not with the look you are going for in your posted pics.
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I can wear a relaxed slim fit, or a tight fit also. Just have only ever posted pictures for my relaxed ones I guess. Also, I have said that I wish I sized down one more on my PS.
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What size are they actually?
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My PS? they are 29s
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That would translate to 31 or even 32 Dior mij raw. Keep that in mind.
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