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I want to soak my A.P.C's they are getting loose on the waist. I also have wings coming out of my ass check, so I want to soak them. But I want to know the cons about it, like will all the creases dissapear?
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I soaked them, they were pissing me off today so I just went ahead and did it. The water was sure a beautiful color of dirt and beer. I'll throw up a post soak pic, still drying though.
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Brad, Please tell us that this isn't the first time you've soaked them? You did soak them when you first got them right?
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So this is my first soak, I guess I didn't read enough and didn't soak them when I first got them. If there is any tips that you think I won't know please throw them up here.
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what is the problem?
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Nothing is the problem, just saying this is my first soak. I was just trying to get some answers about soaking. flipcy just asked me if I soaked right when I got it.

That second picture is really bad though, make me look incredibly short and jeans baggy for some reason.
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APC's are sanforized so you don't need to soak them before you wear them. Doesn't look like you lost too much dye from the soak, you're fine
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No, and with the amount I lost I am happy with. They look alot better than they did before!
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