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Authenticity Check

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Authenticity Check

Hello, I have just bought two pairs of jeans from Hautelook.com... It's my first time buying from the site and I got a pair which looks somewhat sketchy when I looked at the leg opening... It seems like it has been worn? And feels somewhat looser than my other henlee...

Jeans 1

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Jeans 2

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Both are real. HOWEVER, they look like they were taken IN A STORE, so I would ask for other pictures if you're thinking about buying. Could be a bait and switch or whatever they call it.
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didn't even read the text part before... HauteLook is ABSOLUTELY an authentic seller. They are both pairs that run looser than usual, especially the Morphines. Morphine is always 1 size larger than tagged, and the rise is really long so they feel high wasted.

Both pairs are exactly as they should be.

Hate to say it though, you over paid for both. The HL sale this time around was HORRID
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They are both real And Jason Hautelook has sold fakes before, they have sold fake primp, I really dont know how that happened or where they got that stock from but they did sell fake primp tops, a member of DNA ended up with one.
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I agree, both are real. The hems on the Morphines are supposed to be like that...it's part of the wash.
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