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to all dior experts...

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i love the jeans orlando bloom is wearing, any ideas on what they are?

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Dust wash, 21cm, I guess. But I am not an expert.
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UMC ( Under My Car ), worn two sizes too big.
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Ah, right. The ink marks on the left leg. Didnt know they come in 21cm as well.
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yep, and they are even umc 08
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how about the boots? any ideas?
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It's been discussed before...
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I don't think the boots are Augusta. Something more like Carpe Diem.
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^Ahhh. SFAM is right. I forgot you totally asked about those boots months ago. I could've sworn they were Augusta but CCP sounds about right.

Diesel-7 go with SFAM's answer because I believe he asked about the same boots months ago.
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