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If you have to choose one...

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Which one would it be?




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What one do you like the most?
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I like em both and I just want ppl's opinions
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Ultimatum, I've never liked Iradiums.

However, with that said, Iradiums are MUCH harder to find that Ultimatums so you may not have a chance again to get them....
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Oh... I see thx!
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iradium, more rare!
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Ultimatum EASILY
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Hmmm.. Thank for your opinions!
Is ultimatum is a nice wash regardless of the fit style?

And how much should I pay for Iradiums?
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Undecided :X

but if you're talking about the iradium taylor's on ebay.. for some reason those don't like like they are iradium, but a sample wash close to iradium :S
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Iradium: so hot
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They are probably irregular or sample pairs. The wash is the same but the Rs on the back pockets are not the correct Rs for Iradium. They should be fully filled in with the yellow thread basically filling up the gap in the middle.

Look here: My Mini-Collection - AuthenticForum

Those are what they should look like....
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but the link you posted is an irregular, kinda reminds me of Hostile
either way, i would still get the iradium =D
in fact, if those were sz 29, i would get them without thinking xD
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