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I just bought diesels off ebay

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Well I took notice to alot of people on here recommending dieselofmiami on here, so I decided to get a pair from him. I bought diesel rames, and I'll let everyone that cares know how it turned out for me. Here's the link to the auction
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diesel of miami = real

I've purchased a couple of pairs from dieselofmiami and most of his stuff is definately real. I got a pair of macrowills that had a "made in romania" tag so you may not be getting the absolute best best pairs but his shit is not fake.
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A few kinds of authentic diesels are made in romania. I saw them at the diesel store.
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Well I got the jeans in today, but I have a question. Are the rames supposed to be stretch at all, because the ones I have dont stretch and the wash seems off. The reason I saw the wash is off is becasue the fade on the front near the pockets is just like straight lines going across and it doesnt match any of the pics I ever saw before. Most likely im wrong about the wash.
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