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rcently ive been selling some eceltronics and my jeans on a slovenian internet board used for selling,its nohting like ebay or any kind of protection,there are not lots of item there for selling and if you do sell to somone its pickup by person and meeting with the guy and handling over the item and he gives you money.but recently i received an email for my item by a person saying hes from uk and would like to buy my item for his son living in nigeria as hes opening a shop there and willing to give me quite lots of money for my items...he said he can pay with bank transfer or paypal.now i dont know whats the catch..i said ok,he wanted to do paypal as its safer,i said ok pay me,so i received 600 euros for an ipod plus some diesel jeans,but it says that the money is on hold and cannot be transfered to my account until i porvide tracking nubmer for the item being shipped..when i looked at the paypal details i saw the adress where i have to ship its nigerian and it says its confirmed..now i dont know what to do,yes i would ship fully insured,signed for and with tracking number but can he screw me up somehow or whats the deal here,it all looks very strange to me.
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kepp in mind that he transfered the money and saying it has to do for ipod and jeans..there is no connection to that boar for selling in slovenia,this is not like ebay..its just like i would randomly transfer to one of your account money saying for what it is,there is no link like ebay auction or anything...so basically i could sent him some fake jeans ,but ok i wont do that, thats not the point ..just explaining whats it about
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I don't know 100%.. However, I have had people respond to car ads and want to pay me top dollar and it always involves Nigeria. So, here are my thoughts:

1. Why would they have to go through so many hoops to get an Ipod and Jeans?
2. Why are they on a Slovenian board? Does UK not have Craigslist/Ebay?
3. Why would they pay 1 Euro more than the going rate, IF it were legitimate?

Now, that being said, you have to consider that it shows confirmed, etc. Well.. I do not trust paypal for a second. Never have had much luck with any confirmation from them. I stick by paying for items with my AMEX and charging back if I get screwed as a buyer and as a Seller, well, I am obviously a skeptical person and require a few things. I don't ship out of US, to avoid weird things like this. Not that shipping to UK or Europe would be necessarily bad, I just like to avoid all possible risk.

So, I would probably contact paypal. Ask them how well you are covered here. Seeing an address in Nigeria as confirmed raises an eyebrow for me.

Good luck, hope this outside perspective helps. I know the feeling of wanting to take the top dollar payment and trying to see how it can be legitimate.
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It seems like a scam to me...
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It's a total scam don't send anything and give him his money back.
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