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More R's!!!

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New denim & R's from Antolette, and back from the tailor: Floyd Collisions!

Also, yet another acquisition: hand-me-down Floyd Effens

Happy day indeed

Thanks again for the Collisions, Antolette! I'll try for a clearer shot later, but gotta run off to a conference now.
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Caleb, you wear the both well!! Thanks for posting. Don't you just love the wash on the Collisions?
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They look great I need new Rs i gotta find me some
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Caleb that second outfit looks AMAZING!

I love the jeans, obviously... I have some, but the sweater with the collared shirt really looks nice.

CONGRATS on your new acquisitions!
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yay looks great!! Very nice buys
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They both look very nice!
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Love the collision.
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Both look awesome. The Rs on the first pair really stand out!
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They both look great
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i really like effens...i want a pair hehe
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Very, very nice! Both pairs look great on you!!!
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Thanks for the comps, guys and gals! I PMed Antolette earlier, but the Effens were actual hand-me-downs from a friend. He didn't want them anymore because they were his "beater" pair; to me, they didn't look any different from his duplicate Effens (other than having gone through the wash once), but hey, free R&R's - who's gonna care?

Tired from conference. Will attempt a clearer shot of the Collisions tomorrow morning. And I'm LOVING them too =)
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I like the effens!! =D
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they both look GREAT! congrats on your new pairs...

sigh i need to get myself a pair of new R's
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...:P Quite the studmuffin. Looks good
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^^ Love your Floyd Collisions, they look marvelous
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