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Show Your Spirit Buddy Gifts Here! :D

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I signed onto HF today, with Antolette telling me in a PM that my Spirit Buddy was worried whether or not I had received my package from them yet, since FedEx apparently just left it on my doorstep. Luckily, one of my roomies picked it up and forgot to tell me about it.

It is the CUTEST gift ever!!!! Chocolates and a card! (Sorry for my crappy cell phone pics)

Anonymously from my "HF Mistress"

But the best part is what's inside... chocolates that look like mice!!!

(stock pic because of how shaky my hands are )


i already ate them...

ETA: Show us your Spirit Buddy gifts when you receive them, too!
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Are we not supposed to let our giftee know who we are?
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I don't know, but the suspense is killing me! I want to know now!
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Oh those are super cute!

Now that you posted, I'm going to frequent my mailbox. I'm excited!
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Wow, what a nice gift, those mice are really cute. They wouldn't have lasted long with me either.
I got my gift to send to my buddy today. I'm really excited. I hope my buddy likes it.
I think we should keep it a secret!
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Yay, Jennifer...cute little mice. I can't wait to see what everyone else receives

Jason, I think it should be kept a secret until the last one...then you can reveal yourself.
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Hehe this is awesome I saw all the valentines ones on DNA, i loved that thread, this ones gonna be so cool
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^Yup...thanks again to Odie for the brilliant idea.
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Those mice are so cute! I've never seen ones that were looking up before...only ones in usual mouse form.
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mmMMmmmMMM chocolate

making me hungryyy
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im gonne send it on monday
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I hope we can keep it a secret! Although I think the R&R members are kind of spread throughout a few places so our return addresses may give it away. haha, I'm a dork.
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I received my buddy gift today and I love them. I received a beautiful pair of earrings with hearts and the Eiffel Tower...I don't know how my buddy knew that I Paris, but I do!!! I also received a tube of Victoria's Secret lip gloss in Mango Madness...can't wait to use it a lick it all off..yum. My buddy also wrote a nice little note which was very thoughtful.


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Those earrings are so cute! What a sweet gift
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Very sweet gift! & Thoughtful too!!!
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ah how thoughtful. The earings are so cute.
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I gosh I don't know what to get my Secret Pal!!!!!!!!!

But I AM going shopping today, so maybe I'll find something fun : )
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Jason, I'm a size 28. Just in case that helps.... ha.
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The mice are so cute and those earrings are awesome. I have a similar pair, sans the heart.
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I already ate most of mine! haha K how do I ship my present? I have no idea how to ship something! lol!
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^pmed you
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Aww these gifts are so cute and thoughtful.. HF has such nice members
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oh wow... what's going on here? I must have missed all this when I was busy moving and buying furniture.

Cute gift!
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^That's because you don't visit us anymore unless the girls are showing some legs
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haha, NO!!!

I was busy moving and furnishing my small apartment.
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