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There is a new website that has just been started. It may have been started by Luxurybrands LLC. Here a post from komailer on the wholesale4um:

The good news is that things are changing. We have been having meetings with many of the brands over the last 6 months. They are starting to take action and close the counterfeiters down. Burberry believes that over 90% of "Burberry" goods being sold on eBay are FAKE!!!

So that you understand, we purchase our handbags and accessories directly from stores and authorized parties in Europe. For regular merchandise, we pay around 40 - 50% of Italian retail price, which once landed in the US with current exchange rates and a thin margin works out at around 39% of US retail prices. When we purchase goods, we are competing against, for instance, Japanese, that are offering as high as 70% of the full retail price.

So we ask you, how is it possible to purchase on a consistent basis Prada handbags for 20% and less of retail prices??

You know the answer - it is not possible and they are fake.

In January, an exciting new project will be launched that we believe will be very helpful in differentiating an authentic handbag from a fake handbag sold on eBay or the Internet:

By having the button on your site, you can be part of a very strong movement to expunge fakes from the Internet. Luxury Brands, LLC fully supports this movement and will be encouraging all our members to sign up and use the icon. How many other suppliers, we wonder, will be doing the same thing?? The button has been given the "green light" by eBay, and you will be able to put it on your listings.
Here is a brand new website about deadbeat ebayers: