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question about lacoste

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al right, is there any way i can tell if a lacoste polo shirt is real or fake?
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You're wrongly parked.

Lacoste = LASTLVL Section
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Lol, Lacoste is far from being high end.

Have a look at the crocodile. If the shape is blurry, its probarbly fake. The fabric will most probarbly feel cheap.
I dont know how good Lacoste fakes are nowadays, but back in the days when I was wearing Lacoste stuff, the difference was quite noteacible and obvious.

EDIT: Damn, Tee was a tad faster.
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sorry it was my first post, i didnt want to mess the posting section things up hope u can forgive me :P

about the polos:

is there anything else except the crocodile? can anyone tell me something about the serial number? see, this guy is telling me that the product he is offering (lacoste polos) is 10000% authentic, bla bla bla, showed my invoices from lacoste factory in peru ... bla bla bla , and he sells them for $20, is that even possible? here in my country a lacoste polo is often sell for about 100+ euros (i personally think this is insanity but still) and this is the main reason i dont trust him completely... anyway he sent me pictures and stuff if there is an expert ready to help ... please
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This thread here may help you:

However, I must say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
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