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Can anyone ID these?

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Looks like APC New Standard. Definitely not Dior, though. As you can see in the following pic, the backpockets don't have the typical/trademark 'Darts'...

My bet is on APC...
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Im not too familiar with Dior myself, thanks Tee
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Awesome! Thanks so much
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My pleasure.
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Looks like A.P.C indeed. But the leg opening makes me tend towards New Cure or petit standard. perhaps its just the cuff.
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Would be great to know what cut this is because I am planning on getting some APCs myself and really like the fit on these pics!!

I was thinking these are New Standards because the leg doesn't look as skinny as on the Cures and Petite Standards I have seen on the web...

but then again I think the rise looks too low for New Standards... as far as I know the rise of NS is about 25,5 to 26 cm.

Any ideas what cut it could be?
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They are def cures or petites.

The thing i don't get is this guy is always wearing different pairs of worn in dry denim. It's rare to see him in the same pair twice. When is he wearing all of these? Is he buying them used???? Does he have 15 personal assistants his size wearing the same pants for 6 months to eventually hand over to him????
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Hmmm... aren't they a bit loose for New Cures?
They don't look very tapered towards the ankle...

In fact it is one of the "loosest" jeans I saw him wearing yet...

Here it says they are New Standards:

Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron in APC

Damn, I am confused now...
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Yeah, i don't know. I don't see the point of having multiple style of APC you should just try them all and see which ones you like the best.
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