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Good loafers under $150 to wear with Zathan / Zatiny / Thanaz / Trouleg

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Does anyone know of any dark brown loafers I could throw on with a pair of Zathan/iny or Thanaz? I'm looking for something pretty slim yet comfortable preferably under $150ish...its so damn hard to find the perfect shoe...

I know its been discussed before but I have not had any luck finding anything as rainbows / chucks for daily wear are looking too childish and boots are just impractical everyday in Miami...
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Something from Clarks maybe ?
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I avoid loafers like the plague, but that's just me. I'm partial to Clarks just because they tend to be cheap and comfy.
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^yea I was thinking about hitting up a store pretty soon...but the problem may be finding something slimmer...
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Then whats a good "shoe" to wear with Zatiny? I hate athletic looking shoes regardless of slimness...I want something semi-refined...
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That's true. Clarks tend to be "dad shoes" in form... which is why I don't really wear them anymore.
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^ Then the solution is buy Clarks and inseminate a woman and then you fit the bill.
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I'm all ears because this is one of my biggest question now that I have all my zathans/zatinys ...I just don't know what shoes to wear with them.

Looking for a casual shoe...not too childish but no too daddy either... :/
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I have one of these and I like how they look with my troulegs:

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i like to wear loafers with thanaz. I always get mine from zara. Loafers definitely look the best when they're as slim as possible. I really wanna hear more about what others have to say on the topic, i'm addicted to them though.
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^I figured there were more people out there that wanted to know...

this thread is open to any good shoes...
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aldo has more loafers now...I was just there the other day....check'm out
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I had those in brown like 2 years ago...soo comfy and very durable...the upper part of the shoe kept like new...but the sole was too used to keep using them :/ great shoes.

Brown like those : Chaussures CLARKS Rotor glide Marron, achat de chaussures en ligne, boutique chaussure pas cher sur Shoes.fr
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Kenneth Cole New York black leather 'Deal Me N' loafers at Bluefly

I think they are sporty looking and you can dress them up or down
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there is no harder time in mans life, than the day he realizes he likes loafers. lol. I myself am rocking a pair from jcrew. Not too bad for the price and they go with just about everything I wear. Oh sale right now too.

Men's shoes - loafers & oxfords - Millbrook leather penny driving mocs - J.Crew
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^yea something along those lines...
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Those Clarks are really nice..
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a driving loafer will not look good with thanaz (reference jskid circa 2007)

you could pull it off with a bootcut but with a cut like thanaz i think the only real option is a slim boot or shoe.
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Damn -- I like these, too! I need to make more $$...

John Varvatos brown leather wingtip loafers at Bluefly
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my vote goes to alexander hotto
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