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Thanaz <-> Thin Finn

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So yea, MYNUDIES people are unfriendly
well at least to me they are lol

i usually wear 28s in thanaz
should i size +1 when i buy my thin finns?
(some people say +2..?)

and does anybody happen to know the difference betweendry stretch, dry ecru emb?
is it just that the "stretch" stretches a little more?

let me know
thanks a lot guys
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depends on what kind of thanaz you have, and which finn you are getting. In short, you need to be more clear.
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Thanaz 8dk + 73j = 28
Gloovy 8gk = 29
and i'm thinking about getting the Organic Dry Ecru Embo Jeans or the Dry Stretch Jeans
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you should be fine in w28 in any thin finn with stretch material.
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do you happen to know any good sites to get them online? (with smaller sizes..)
ssense and revolve carries only 29s..
and ive heard that if you order a pair from nudiejeans.com
its a pain in the ass for a refund/exchange since its out of the US
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+1 from diesel size for thin finn, definitely. Could not imagine how grossly tight if i were to have gotten the same as diesel size tfds. Holy shit.
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now im confused.. haha
+1? or go with the diesel size..?
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I bought them from cultizm.

I stay with my diesel size because they (denim with stretchy material) stretch out pretty easily. But definitely size up 1 for 100% cotton line.
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i was gonna get them from that site as well
since they're both stretch jeans i'll get the 28s
thanks for your help man

do you know by any chance if their return policy is any good btw?
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