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Help me pick a Burberry!

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Was it necessary to create 4 threads for 3 ugly articles of clothing?
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Totally agree, those are way way to flashy. If you want something flashy, you can get something alot cheaper than that. Try just reg. plaid button ups/sweaters.
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Oh sorry for the double post!!!
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Originally Posted by TRjeansROCK View Post
Oh sorry for the double post!!!
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I think you forgot to post in "Other Designer Jean Brands" Where they actually have "A Guide On How To Spot Fake Burberry"

Might as well finish the job!
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All snarkiness from other impatient users aside, I don't trust that seller. He has way too many new: with tags Burberry items. Additionally, the Lennon jacket you posted is tagged size medium but he posted pictures for tags w/ size L.

I must agree with the others who posted, however, and say those are pretty tacky. The jacket's alright, but I don't like the color much.
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To the OP,

If DesignerDesire thinks its tacky then you have problems...
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I don't personally care for any of them, but out of them all, the first would be my choice.
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oh, and thanks to everyone else for your lovely contributions.
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im just going to assume you are the seller and doing advertising. nobody would really need help making that decision.
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Originally Posted by flipcydesae View Post
To the OP,

If DesignerDesire thinks its tacky then you have problems...
What exactly is that supposed to mean?
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I'm pretty sure its self explanatory. But if you would like me to elaborate I will.
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By all means, elaborate. I don't think you really know anything about my style or what I'd think tacky is or isn't.
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Your absolutely right I don't know you. It's not like you post fits, the only thing I can go off on is shit that you post or ask for authentications on. Which IMO are for the most part label whoring or tacky. examples...




For the most part from looking at the items you've sold in the HoMall or have posted authentications for it's pretty safe to assume that you love your labels. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that if that's what floats your boat. I can't speak for anyone but myself but most of the shit you seem to be interested in IMO are tacky.

So when you told the OP that you thought the items in question are tacky that's saying a lot considering you don't find many things tacky...
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Items 1 and 3 I sold for other people / authenticated for other people, and I don't see why the 2nd are tacky, no. I specifically don't post fit pics because I prefer to avoid unsolicited criticism.

Perhaps save your snarky comments for someone else.
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^so... why are you here again?
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How did I know you would chime in! Shouldn't you be starting more threads on why MOD's shouldn't voice their opinions why this place is dying? I haven't broken any of the rules and it's obvious the only thing that's been hurt is DesignerDesire's pride.

Now let me ask you the question why your here? You got rid of the "toxic members" and this place is going down hill faster. So what or who are you going to blame this time?
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My pride isn't hurt...I just wanted to understand why you felt the need to imply I was "tacky" when I haven't really done anything to you to solicit that kind of negative reaction. You're entitled to your opinion, but it's a loosely based one; bringing up 3 items I had authenticated in over a year period to prove my style in its entirety is a weak foundation to say the least. I definitely went through my "monogram phase," as many people do, but I am glad to say that's over and done with!

In short, I don't really feel I have to defend my style to your or anyone else. However, I am saying I would appreciate it if you could keep the negativity off the forum (that is a rule, by the way).
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Maybe it's me but I fail to see what I said as being disrespectful? My comments were in no way derogatory towards your personal appearance, race, creed, or sexual preference. My comments were directed at your preference of fashion style. How is fashion style not fair game considering the last time I checked HF was a FASHION WEBSITE.

If your talking about the negativity as in my comments to JEANius then sure. I'm complacent with sitting back and watching the fires.
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