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White or Black?

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Im really wanting to get this LUKE jacket..
Opinions please.... black or white?
Whats nicer? I was thinking the white..but the black is so nice aswell!!
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May i be honest ? I mean, really honest ! ...
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(It looks really terrible)
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me loves it

ahwell everyones taste is diffrent
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Do you plan on wearing it just as a functional jacket ( skiing vacation !? ), or all-purpose, i.e. also as a fashion jacket ?
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An all-purpose jacket. Its not really suitable as a skiing jacket as such...but feel free to try
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Its not THAT bad, but I am sure you can find a better one. Second that it would suck for skiing
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Yeah, not good as a fashion jacket for sure. Maybe if if its cold and windy/rainy out and you need something casual to throw on while running errands.
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I vote black.
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If you must have it - black
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transperent please
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Can't we all just get along?
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Okk to be more specific: those big buttons on shoulders,nipple and on chest and embroidery on niplle again making my eyes tired with this nylon jacket.I believe he can find much better jackets than that for this price.
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