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varnish fumes

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hi everyone!

so im really liking the rock republic varnish fumes ... and i think i may have found one in my size! just not sure how they fit

do they fit true to size, compared to other rocks??

i haven't bought a pair of rocks in a while, so just wanted to make sure with this one.

anywho, i'd appreciate your guys' help! Thanks =)
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It depends which cut you get them in.... which one were you thinking about? Floyd or Henlee?
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the one im looking at is the kasandra cut one, do they fit tts?
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Those are a bit tight, I thought. I just got mine this week Both pairs of Kassandra that I have fit a bit smaller than my other R&Rs.
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oOH okay thanks, do they fit a lot tighter ?? or like by half a size sort of thing?

i have a pair of kasandras in stellar blue that fit kind of big, so i dont know if i should size up for the kasandra varnish fumes, did you size up?
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There are very few R&Rs that I would recommend sizing up on. They seem like they are relatively true to size if not a big large for the said size lately and sizing up could be a bad idea. I don't remember if they're a stretch or rigid wash, but if they're stretch there are ways of stretching the waist out to make it a perfect fit.
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I'm a 29/30 right now and my 30s fit pretty well.
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The waist is too big, I have to have that taken in.
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I usually wear a 27 and these were a tiny bit snug for me because they don't stretch too much. I would say stick with your size unless you are really pushing up a size. I think i just have to break mini in but they still need to be hemmed!
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