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Used Nudie Dry Japan

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If you bought a pair of Nudie Dry Japan jeans that were one month used, unwashed state, could you starch them and iron out the previous creasing, honeycomb etc., so that in essence the jeans would then only conform to your body type?
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You could definitely starch and iron to make them seem new, but I have no doubt some fading has occured.
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dry japan has crotch rip issue i had mine for like 2.5 months and it ripped and all i did was wear them sit down and walk in them. also i wear my jeans a lil on the lose side, i also didn't wear them low either.
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anh do you sag your jeans? OP, i highly doubt that the jeans will have ANY noticeable wear at all in one month, unless the seller is a construction worker or a bike messenger and wore then every day for work. so get some more info!
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i work as a manicurist / pedcurist, i wore them 4 day a week for like 9 hours for 2 months. i don't sag my jeans as i heard if u do that crotch rip was more likely to happen. got that info on teh mynudie fourm, so pretty much all i did was walk and sit down in them. if u read the mynudie forum alot ppl who has dry japan usualy end up with croth rip at some point within 6 - 12 months.
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