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Nudie / Diesel

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Anyone knows which size i'll need in Nudies when i have 26 in Diesel Thanaz? I'm thinking about buying some Slim Jim...
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wow, you're skinny lol

I heard that you size down in raw
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I don't think they make 26 in nudie slim jim, but you might find a 27. In the past, I have worn 28 in slim jims but they were always enormous in the waist and everywhere else. If you insist on going nudie, try the thinn finn, its a skinny taper cut and comes in 26.
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They are soooo bloody skinny to, I couldn't fit into a 30 (my true waist size)
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Slim Jim goes down to 24:

Nudie Jeans Co.

Is that jeans here ok in general, what you think of it?
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Ah its been a while since I hvae looked at nudie, did not know te sj went down to 24 :O

Overall, the quality is ok, but for the money there are better options. Check out APC.
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W26 in Diesel? That's really slim
I tried on some Nudies last week and I had the same size as in Diesel, 29. I'd recommend to visit a store and try Nudie, that's the best way. If they don't have the wash you want, you can still order it over the internet afterwards.
Btw, You're from Germany, right? Visit Peek&Cloppenburg, they (in Berlin, don't know about other cities) have a huge selection of Nudies.
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Yeah, but the next city thats got nudies is 2 hours away, the city thats like 45 minutes by car doesn't have any...
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