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Cleaning Shoes

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Just curious what the standard was for cleaning shoes? What I need are the necessary tools to clean leather shoes and suede shoes. I have nothing currently, so any information on what is best to use, brands, brushes, polishes, etc. would help a ton.
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for suede shoes, i have something that is the consitency of rubber and rub off all scuffs, dirt marks on my suede. but that is before i use waterproofing, it really doesn't matter what type of water proofing you use.
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I am completely anal when it comes to shoe care. Unless the shoes are meant to be beat up, dirty shoes are ugly . You are going to need a few things for leather. Something to hydrate the leather; mink oil, some good polish, a protective waterproof spray and depending on the texture of the leather, various soft bristle brushes or varying roughness of cloth. Before you do anything, make sure you give the shoes a good wipe down to take off all the dirt, and if you live in a cold area, salt. Salt can be removed with vinegar.
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