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Blazer *fit pics*

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I just got my Nicolo' Ceschi Berrini Blazer in the mail. It's my first blazer purchase and would like your opinion of what you guys think. The sleeves are a little long and the lower back of the blazer is too wide, I think. Should I keep it?! Oh, and please excuse my t-shirt and jeans.

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Do not EVER wear that blazer with those pants or anything really slim unless you get it tailored to suit your body.
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I'd say a bit too big!
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Too big, too long and too boring. Button stance is the weirdest I've ever seen. Sorry.
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give back. back is wide.
that jacket would suit me perfect due to my belly
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Don't keep, looks bad.
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thankssssss guys
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What size is that ?

Are you wearing a Medium/50 ?
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since we talking about blazers, how are they suppose to fit? i have one and i have gain some wieght and mine now fits reallie snug and fitted but when drive with it on it feels liek teh armpit area is gonna rip apart. i also need to lose my belly fat i can't botton them up any more lol
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Post pics, it's the only way we're gonna know what you should do
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