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Aww, Heather, I haven't seen you forever! Miss you, girlie!
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As much as I dislike the current situation of HF, I still visit because as many others have stated, it was my first "home" online. I used to spend countless hours here, and I loved interacting with the members. Of course things change and stuff happens. I do still log in here on a weekly basis just to check things out. I rarely post though, as the welcoming vibe that used to be HF is no longer present. I would truly hate to see a total demise of HF. I credit this forum to introducing me to some of my closest friends. I am saddened by the recent turn of events here, as I thought there was going to be some change.
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I really like the blog. That's my main reason I post some stuff in the mall. I check the coupons. I make a post here and there.
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I think if HF can just cut loose and let shit fly it can have a comeback
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^ +1
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I'm new here but when I arrived and started reading threads I immediatly saw that some members really had some serious trouble like making racist comments and giving the excuse that "you guys don't have any humor" (even if these are pretty isolated events)
Others saying to others that they look like shit...and after giving the excuse that they are only beeing honest and saying the truth but beeing in a community obliges you to behave in a certain way and this is not hurting/pissing off other members in any way.

I felt that there was a strange atmosphere...

Anyway, I came here by coincidence with a google search and I found that it was a great database.

I learned stuff about how to dress better and not so long ago I was like Lpalma, wearing my pants 2/3 sizes too big and thought that I was looking good...now I can't bear to have jeans that don't fit me good...
I come here to do some searches and to get knowledge but for the moment I don't really have friend or anything here.

I don't participate that much because I don't feel close to this place even if i come every day to check on threads or the mall where I can find awesome pairs...

Even If I'm new I feel sad to see how things turned here...
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^ I can relate to you. But you know above all I visit the site for the knowledge some of you have. Of course there is the good chuckle here and there. I'm sure some of you have had good laughs at some point here even I've laughed at myself at times. Bottom line we can all learn from one another. With so much negativity in Washington and on the news it's good to know that there is still an outlet where you can have some normal entertainment.
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for the exciting drama and guys in ex-girlfriend jeans
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for the longest time i've been trying to figure out why hot white women date asian men and, well, there you go.
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Originally Posted by advan031 View Post
To see if vincevtec posted
he told me that he doesnt come here anymore, but i message him thru another music based forum that we both frequent and... ill probably end up seeing him @ Winter Music Conference in March (actually ran into him there back in 07 & been KIT ever since) so ill let him know to get his butt back here & post on occasion
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To see what peeps are wearing. To check up on a small assortment of 'friends' or BS about politics. But I've pretty much gotten my clothing garage where it needs to be, so I don't come to buy stuff much these days.
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ONLY the mall and see if there's any BOLD threads in HF chat >_<

im really clueless as to what is going on in this forum with the management and such. i wish i had been more active in other fashion forums lol i feel i've lost touch to reading about denim... i used to be such a HF whore dunno wat happned
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I still come, because I am not as nice as people in AF and I don't own any "Jawnz"...
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/\ time to cop dem jawnz, mang
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1) Mall and Buying Advice
Easy access to designer stuff is handy. I live in Iowa so you can imagine how easy it is to find quality jeans. Help authenticating E-Bay auctions is a damn handy too.

2) Fashion and Fit Advice
Even if some people are mean to you at least it's some feedback on how things fit/look. I started out wearing only Levan and Zaf cuts. Advice from forum users helped me realize Shazor and Zathan could work for me also.

Basically I don't really understand whats occurring here, but I'd rather not see this place go away. Hopefully Dave listens to his disgruntled mod's and admins and gets this place back in working condition.
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^^Great answer. Part of the reason that HF is seeing problems is because there are fewer and fewer members like you- people who can take criticism with a grain of salt or use it to their benefit and get help with their look. There have been bannings of many well known members because of the way the spoke to newbies, and this has quieted the atmosphere quite a bit from even a few months ago.
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I lurk now, mainly because I stopped buying and really was only vocal in R&R anyway.

I come back mainly for the mall and stop by R&R for nostalgia.

Originally this forum was an amazing resource and wealth of information from knowledgeable members. Then somehow it seemed to get infected with drama and trash talking which really isn't something I want to participate in... Maybe it was always there and I just never wandered into the HF Chat section much...

I don't need anything as toned down as AF. Constructive criticism is great for those who want it. But what happened to the real conversations in HF Chat, now it's all insides jokes and slander. The forum became so cliquish which is such a turnoff for new members to participate in.
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sometimes people PM me and tell me they have stuff i want .. that's always nice ..
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pass time...out of habit...
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I come onto the forum because other similar sites are overrun with rude and nasty people, this one only has a few....

And as can be seen in the R&R Forum, if you post, they will come. The R&R forum is doing really really well because we've put a lot of positive into it. I'm hoping that others can do the same in the other forums.
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who the fuck knowwwwwwwws?!
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wishful thinking
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To catch some deal on some designer jeans
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