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Hautelook Rock and Republic - Page 6

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I am new to Hautelook, but did not see any R&R denim for sale that appeared in the video teaser. Is this the trend for hautelook or did this sale just really suck??
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Both, they were just showing you what R&R sells.
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Antolette, HL was pricing the Henlees around 120, so ultimately about 140 after s/h & tax (unsure if that's before or after the tax hike - thanks, Obama!).

Yes, I know you're waiting for pics...but I'm waiting for the tailor to be done w/them beauties =D Thx again!!!
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What pairs are you waiting for?
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I got the Degenerator Blue Stella's. I have never tried Stella's on before...hope they fit and i hope I like them. Anyone have them or get them too?

I guess I could always return and use store credit for TR coming up
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Also what kind were the one's called Backseat cruiser? with the studs?
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^^Nevermind, I see that they are Stellas. I just saw the 20% additional code for Hautelook. I forgot to use it when checking out. Do you think they will price adjust? I have never used them before. I sent an email to ask, hopefully
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Originally Posted by kebbers View Post
(unsure if that's before or after the tax hike - thanks, Obama!)
Sales tax isn't federally mandated as far as I know. It is set by the states, not by the government or Obama.
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