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I was a little dissapointed that they just didn't have more selection too - but I am happy they had Kurts - I love flap pockets.
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Maybe they just prefer for their overstock stuff to go to stores like NR instead of sites like this. There was a huge amount of non straight to discount men's washes at the NR in Chicago a few weeks ago and for much better prices than these....
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I'm glad that you got something Liane...and for the hubby too

Post pics when you get them...would love a couple "booty" shot
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I hope the prices at the outlet aren't too bad, but from what I hear they are the newer washes, so prices may be a little higher than NR. I'm going to stop at Off 5th as well since there isn't one near me. I'll report back if I find any goodies.
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Lucky, I wish I had Off 5th, NR. My Winners hasn't had R&R in soooo long
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Screw it.... I'm going shopping. Nordies Rack here I come... and I'll stop by the Saks and NM outlets too!
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I can't even buy R&R at retail in Wisconsin. The one store that I found that actually sold them stopped. Macy's doesn't even stock R&R. If I want to buy something I have to go to Illinois....
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^ Jason, you crack me up. I think we all need a little retail therapy after that joke of a sale. Gosh, I hope I don't go overboard and spend too much.
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Devin, at least you can use the cashback service on ebay...if that's any consolation.
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this hautelook sale is NOT that good. I'm disappointed.
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Yeah, I am actually kind of relieved that it's not a better sale. I'm not going to spend anything...which is great because I don't HAVE anything...lol.
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Originally Posted by annamal View Post
this hautelook sale is NOT that good. I'm disappointed.
Yep agree with you
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Originally Posted by braindead5400 View Post
They also listed all the men's jeans as straight leg and they're all bootcut.
I saw that too and was confused. So which is it that they're offering - straight legged jeans, or bootcut?

Still - while not the best deals I've snagged around, the R's on the Dagger Blue Henlees are probably the lookers amidst the mens' denim:

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-_- I was really disappointed as well. I woke up early hoping to get a few pairs.. but nothing.

This was just like the "sale" at Daily Denim.
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^ Ugghhh the daily denim "sale" what a load of crap!
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So disappointing! The last time they had R&R at hautelook the sale was much better!! Oh well, better for my wallet anyways since these would have been pretty expensive with the exchange rate...
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Kebbers, thats the one I was thinking of getting but Taylor
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^I thought about it too.
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I logged on after school and I now have a 20 voucher, and the one person I reffered didn't buy anything? So I am quite happy considering the Penguin sale will be coming up on Thursday, and thats almost a whole polo (basing it off the ruelala sale).
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Not a good sale compared to last years. But I still got stuff. :P
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Haha Kissmequick...we'll be waiting for your pics. What did you get?
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yea, what'd you get?
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Caleb, how much did you pay for the Dagger Blues? I could have sworn I saw those at NR for $109 + tax.
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Ohh, I didn't get them at all. Tempted, but you should know that I've got enough R&R for now =)

I think the way I phrased it sounded like I bought the DB Henlees, but nope - didn't get 'em =P
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^Oh good...I didn't want you to pay to much for those when you can get them cheaper. I'm still waiting for pics....
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