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Fake X-rotuck 796? 879? Help!

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I was thinking about bidding on these but I'm not sure if they are authentic. Any help would be appreciated! Here are some pics:

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they don't look real IMO. i have never heard of wash 879, and i dont think diesel would make a wash that looks so similar to another. it looks like these jeans are trying to pass off as 796s, but since they don't really look quite like them they just gave them a whole new number to save face.

i could be totally wrong though.
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fakes, they are fakes of the 796 wash.
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definately fakes

And there's a way you can ALWAYS tell. The yellowish whiskers at the top of the front thigh are always much more uniform on the fakes. Also the stripeyness on the legs is much more pronounced. Here's a real pair I picked up:


I know for a fact that this one is real because they are identical to the ones I got from bloomingdales.

Also, the fake x-rotucks are much shorter. I had a pair of each, both with 32 inch inseam, and the fakes were a good 1.5-2 inches shorter in length.
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