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(eye popping emoticon)

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This is the LOWEST I've ever seen a daily denim auction go for. It's not even $10
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whoa. $176 retail on those. Bet that one hurt. I know they didnt get em for free.
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I was going to bid on them (my cousin gave me her info), but 3 minutes before the auction ended my brother started messing with the computer and the internet connection was gone. thankfully it's back now...( that the auction ended)
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Wow! I know eBay sales are really slow this time of year, but wow!
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Someone got a good deal!
That's crazy cheap!
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that is craaaaaaaaaaazy!!
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wow, super cheap. i really need to sell some of my jeans, but i am kinda hesitant to sell jeans on ebay with a low starting bid this time of year. it sucks to sell jeans for much cheaper than you bought them for.
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If the jeans I have listed in HM don't sell here, I'm saving them 'til Fall! *shew*
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why not me??
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that was really cheap...wish their joes went that cheap..lol
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Yikes...I would cry if I sold those for that low...
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i was going to bid on those but deleted them from my watch list...why???!!!
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