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diesel laderry jacket

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i was thinking about getting this jacket in black.. what do you guys think?

Diesel Online Store Men's Jackets LADERRY 00WLT - Fall Winter - Diesel Jackets - Official Online Store
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I was eyeing that a couple weeks back. I even like it in batshit-stupid blue.
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blue----> hell to tha NO......
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^^ Grondie: I don't seen anything about this one. Plenty of Motorbike jackets around.
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It's got a nice shape and some itty bitty details which make it a tick more interesting than your typical APC or Rag & Bone effort. Nothing special, but then again "Nothing Special" is all the rage right now.
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Originally Posted by Grondie View Post
I even like it in batshit-stupid blue.
Jskidder: You're on Crack, Grondie.
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I like it a lot and actually meant to start a thread about it yesterday.

Was wondering if anyone had any worn pics they could provide?
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i'm hoping diesel will have my size when it goes on sale @_@
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^ If you're size XXL then you're in luck.
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Blue is good too in my opinion. Your dog is so cute.
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Black is better...and looks to fit decently for the price. I wonder about the quality of the leather though. Reminds me of a jacket I own by S.W.O.R.D.
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So anybody bought this jacket?
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Grondie, I thought I was the only one that liked the Laderry in Pool Blue. I will be sporting one in a few days.
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I just saw Taylor Lautner wears the Laderry jacket in black (or is it dark navy) here: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/galle...ncouver-04.jpg

Looks quite cool.
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I don't feel this jacket very much...

are jeans he's wearing poiak 8sv?
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^ yep
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Originally Posted by etgreg View Post
Grondie, I thought I was the only one that liked the Laderry in Pool Blue. I will be sporting one in a few days.
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I saw this thread for the first time today, and let me just say that this is the first Diesel leather jacket I have ever considered buying, even if it was just for a second. And I actually like the blue a lot better. It's got a real 60's feel to it, kind of a break from the 80's shininess that we've been bombarded with lately.
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post worn pics of blue jacket

i was going to get the laderry in black but managed to find a jecly and bought that instead
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I think Diesel leathers are generally atrocious but this one grabbed me for some reason.
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I love Diesel leathers. I would sleep under a blanket of Diesel-branded leather were it possible. I would marry one and leave a trust in its name.
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I like the cleaner look of this jacket, as opposed to the overly distressed crap. I wonder if this will be included in the Black Friday sale?
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My most overly distressed jacket, Leleat, is my absolute fave. Would smash again.
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Grondie, I’m with you. Diesel makes the best leather jackets for the money period. I had purchased several of their leather jackets before I discovered their denim.
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ROLOLS - Well dang, I don't know if I'd go that far. I actually think the vast majority of their leathers are insufferably tacky or fatally flawed by self-indulgent details - But when Diesel gets something right, they deliver a nice fit and have a level of playful theatrics that I really enjoy.

It's just that so often we see Diesel crank out a really cool jacket - then there's some ridiculous detail that just totally blows the whole thing. I guess that's a good thing or there'd just be a whole pile of Diesel Leathers in my closet.
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